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Media Planning Resources

We subscribe to the full range of media planning tools and use the Nielsen Media Research suite combined with strategic thinking to develop tailored strategies. Media planning is more than just numbers and reach, equally important is the media environment, consumer attitudes, the budget resource, and the personality of the brand.

Connecting to your brand

We like to know how our client’s customers consume their media, to get a feel for what television programmes they may watch, websites they visit, and magazines they might buy. We can use this information to lay the groundwork in connecting to a client brand. A focus on consumer attitudes to advertising, leads to thinking about the best media to use in order to communicate with an audience. We focus on building strategies to reach the right audiences at the right time in places of relevance and in a way that is reflective of the brand.

Advertising strategies

Competitive expenditure analysis provides useful industry insights, and a variety of media planning research tools allow us to follow consumer trends and build strategies that are rational, effective advertising solutions for a variety of budgets and across a variety of businesses.

Importantly, at Adworx we take a collaborative approach with our clients, which is reflective in maintaining a balance in the working relationship between our clients, media suppliers and creative houses.

On-line Search Specialists

Looking to optimise keyword search or start a search campaign? We have a dedicated, google accredited, search specialist who can prepare a search strategy for you or help increase the rankings of your current Adwords campaigns.

We will provide you with in detailed SEM reports so you can easily view your progress. Help your business be seen by more potential customers by clicking here.